my journey from small town Indiana to veterinary school on an island.


Totally dropped the ball on this blog. I see that I still have quite a few visitors! I will be posting an article on term 1 courses – i’m sure you guys have a lot of questions about that! 

Anything else you want to know?!

Almost Home!

Finals concluded last friday, and I am staying a 9 days longer to enjoy this beautiful island!! 

I cannot wait to get home and go shoppppiinngg! I just scheduled a stitch fix to be awaiting my arrival. If you haven’t done stitch fix you have to check it out!!! 

They send clothes to your home for you to try on. I LOVE IT!! 

Moroccan Summer

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Here are some of my favorite pieces:


Chloe and Isabel!

Hello All,
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Finals Week

I apologize for it being such a long time since I posted anything. Let’s just say that I am loving every minute of veterinary school. Sure, studying is not always fun… but its definitely worth it once you realize how much you can learn in a single semester! Expect plenty of posts this summer once I actually have an abundant amount of free time. 


This is little Ferdinand. He was the sweetest. 

Orientation Week


Okayyy, so we are now fully submerged is coursework, and my spare time has decreased significantly. Lets take a look back to my first week or so of orientation.

SGU really does have a fantastic orientation. It was several days long, and ended with PAWS (Professionalism Workshop), that took up the entire first 2 days of classes. PAWS was basically there to help transition us into veterinary school and the professional aspects that go along with it. We also did a lot of class bonding!

I have attached the Orientation Schedule. It is all pretty self explanatory. Like I said, it was all pretty helpful. However, I did not go to all of the “mandatory” meetings. I tried to prioritize the things that I went to (practicing for vet school*). One of the most helpful aspects were the study skills fair and various study skills lectures. The staff and students were very helpful in letting us know exactly what to expect out of out classes.

Orientation ended with me personally feeling like SGU had my back. They have numerous resources and staff whose purpose is to make sure we succeed while we are here. Its really an amazing network.

While I’m at it, wanna check out my Term 1 Schedule? Labs are split based on last names.

What do you want to know?

This next week is Grenada’s Independence Day, and we have a 3 day weekend! (Yay!). I will take this time to update you guys. With that being said, is there any particular subject you would like me to cover?

Here’s a picture I took yesterday: